Online Information Solutions…

Online Information Solutions…

ProjectVault is a platform that provides AEC Industry specific online collaboration, information & document management solutions scalable to any organisation, department or project. Simplify and automate your project procedures from concept through to completion, managing all your data requirements in the Cloud.

The ProjectVault platform ensures reliable document distribution, communication and collaboration for all your construction project’s requirements. The inefficient distribution of documents can cause lengthy delays and increased costs. Your documents, data & communication are all hosted on the Cloud in a single central location with access through a web browser.

With over 100 years of expertise and innovation in delivering document solutions, ProjectVault has provided a Cloud-based platform for over 15 years under the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model. The ProjectVault platform enables users to access the Cloud from any location and enables effortless collaboration on documents, processes and reviews through the construction lifecycle.

ProjectVault is constantly evolving to continue delivering innovative tools to manage, organise and distribute documents integrated into construction industry best practices and processes. ProjectVault helps your business work more effectively by saving time, generating measurable cost savings, improving control, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Simplicity and value have been at the core of our sustained success: easy-to-use solutions delivered with clarity and ease, and as a result,100% of the tools and functionality provided are utilised by our customers.

We retain, gain and maintain our clients because we deliver a system that works for them.

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